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About the Grantee Experience and Insight Review (GEIR)

A foundation's effectiveness is not simply based on what  is funded: great projects, programs, and people. It is also based on how the work is funded: great policies, procedures, and practices. The Grantee Experience and Insight Review, or GEIR, was created to examine the how of grantmaking and to support the emergent practice among foundations of evaluating success based on the experiences of grantees. 

GEIR offers a unique and innovative approach to bolstering foundation effectiveness, on its own or as a complement to other grantee perception protocols. Specifically, the GEIR’s approach includes several important distinctions, including in-person interviews, targeted sampling, and values congruence. 

GEIR + FN Creative Console

GEIR founder John Harvey approached FN Creative Console with a huge vision for the Review. Not only did he want a site that reflected the depth and breadth of the GEIR vision and work, but also a site that was translated into multiple languages. We started with some brand development, playing off of the homophone (GEIR and gear) while also getting right to the vision of the Review - to optimize the experience of grantees so they can focus on their life-changing work around the world. The GEIR, in that way, serves as the necessary cog to enhancing the operations of grantmaking. 

We also designed a simple, post-modern site to showcase the GEIR approach and highlight the global GEIR team, while also making it easy to add language translations to the site as the GEIR continues to grow in popularity and prominence amongst grantmakers. Currently, the site is translated into three languages other than English, with the capacity for many more! 

After the site was complete, we sat with John and taught him everything he needed to know about the site and editing content. Now, he manages the site on his own, approaching us to handle the big development stuff, like language translations, or if he has any questions.

Firas Nasr