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About Water Commons

Climate change and unsustainable land and water management undermine the planet’s water supplies. This challenges water operators, who play a critical role in protecting source water and watersheds. Water Commons is a nonprofit source water protection organization that advances the leadership of public water operators to collaborate with public and private allies for the protection of and restoration of watersheds and water sources that sustainably generate safe drinking water and that ensure equitable access for all. Through a mix of conferences, virtual learning, technical support, peer-to-peer collaboration, and media strategies, Water Commons supports water operators to collaborate with regulators, public officials, forestry and agricultural agencies, farmers, consumers and other key water protectors. Together, they ensure healthy and sustainable water supplies emerging from healthy watersheds.

Water Commons + FN Creative Console

Water Commons approached FN Creative Console to make basic edits to the Water Commons site. While the site was previously designed by another web developer, we were happy to work with the Water Commons staff to talk through the changes they wanted to see in the site and to implement them. While we generally build digital homes from the ground up, we are also happy to do some interior re-design as well! 

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