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About Strength in Synergy

The gun violence prevention (GVP) movement rarely centers and hears the voices of people of color. Yet the majority of people affected by gun violence are people of color. Strength in Synergy is a national, intersectional conference for gun violence prevention. Hosted in December 2016 and organized by and for people of color, the conference brought together local (Washington, DC) and national organizers and activists to talk about gun violence in and against communities of color and strategies to address these problems.

The conference was streamed live on C-SPAN and served as the precursor to the Community Justice Reform Coalition's Peacemaker trainings, which are being organized around the country. 

Strength in Synergy + FN Creative Console

The Strength in Synergy conference organizers approached FN Creative Console with 24 hours to spare before presenting their idea to the National Gun Violence Prevention Monthly Roundtable at the Center for American Progress. They needed a logo and website fast. Despite the quick turnaround, we worked with the conference organizers to get a better sense of why they were planning the conference and how we could aesthetically reflect their vision and work. 

We designed a logo to reflect intersectionality, which was at the core of the Strength in Synergy vision. Intersectionality references the various aspects of one's identity and how they overlap to define a unique and nuanced individual experience. We also created a one-page "scrolling" site to succinctly present the bare-bone details of the conference with a powerful backend that could easily expand to accommodate conference registration, schedule-building, and fundraising.

After the 24 hours of design and development, we also worked with conference organizers to design their program for the day-of. We were happy to see the conference reach a national audience to jump on the future iteration of the conference - designing the Peacemaker trainings' sites!

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