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About RePROs Fight Back

In Washington DC, around the U.S., and around the world, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) are under an unprecedented attack. Sponsored by the Population Institute, rePROs Fight Back is a podcast to keep you informed on the critical fights and give you the tools to take action and fight back.

From the frontlines of issues like abortion, birth control, sex education, women’s rights, and LGBT rights, rePROs Fight Back features interviews with the leaders who are fighting back against those who would deny or restrict our reproductive health and rights. New episodes debut every other Tuesday, and every episode gives you an insider’s perspective so that you can be the world’s best advocate.

Repros fight back + FN Creative Console

RePROs Fight Back approached FN Creative Console with the desire of shaping their brand into a digital home for their upcoming podcast launch. They had tried to put together a few pages as a landing page, but they needed a full-fledged site where people could learn more about the podcast, listen on the site, connect to their favorite podcasting platform, and - most importantly - take action. They had two weeks until launch. 

FN Creative Console got to work immediately, creating a post-modern design that truly embodied the vision of the podcast. The site effectively communicates the work of the podcast and creates a user-friendly place where listeners can become activists. The site is bold, yet inviting, shedding light on the incredible power behind the movement for sexual and reproductive health and rights and creating space for individuals to get involved. 

After the build and launch, we trained the podcast managers on how to add episodes and action items to their site. Now, the podcast managers have complete control over their site. While we are always here to support and make any necessary changes, they have agency over the direction and success of their podcast.  

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