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About My Story Space

In a world where victims and survivors of sexual assault are continuously silenced, denied, and blamed, My Story Space is an interactive map web application for all victims and survivors to share their stories anonymously, make their voices heard, know they are not alone, and take action for a world free from sexual assault. 

The campaign was created especially to highlight and provide a platform for the narratives of individuals who can’t utilize normative methods of seeking justice, including people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, sex workers, refugees and immigrants, and people who experience sexual assault by police and state actors. 

My Story Space + FN Creative Console

The creators of My Story Space approached FN Creative Console to design the site and code the map from the ground up. We used leaflet.js, a javascript library specific to building interactive maps, and built a Node backend to ensure that the app was secure and safe. We linked the app to Firebase, a noSQL database that is especially useful for apps that may very well go viral and need to grow quickly. We used a combination of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JQuery to build out a User Interface (UI) that felt safe and welcoming to survivors. One of the most important aspects of the map is the "trigger warning" modal (pop-up) that shows up before you are able to see or click on the map - which is especially important when creating for survivors of violence. 

My Story Space also asked FN Creative Console to design a logo for the campaign. We created a simple but powerful logo, one that showcases the vision through the speech bubble, but keeps it minimal, just like the one page web application itself. 

The app is still in development, and the creators are working with local (Washington, DC) and national activists to launch the campaign. Stay tuned!


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