International Muslim Women's Initiative for Self-Empowerment (IM WISE)


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About Im WISE

The International Muslim Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment (IM WISE) is a self-defense, social entrepreneurship and leadership development movement for young Muslim women. Their work is about inspiring a network of young Muslim female leaders to become catalysts for the advancement of their communities and the world. Through leadership, self-defense, and social entrepreneurship trainings, they strengthen the skills of young women to overcome violence and become ambassadors for female empowerment.

IM WISE + FN Creative Console

IM WISE approached FN Creative Console as they began to receive a ton of press around their work. At the time, their website had been hastily put together by the founder as a means of having a presence in the first place. However, given the amounting attention and increasing volume of work, she did not have any time to spare for creating a digital home that reflected the work effectively and holistically.

To communicate their work effectively, IM WISE needed a content overhaul, both in terms of copy and photos. FN Creative Console took to it immediately, and in a week, IM WISE had a new look and new vibe - they were ready to support Muslim women around the globe, and smash the patriarchy all at once. Das it! The new look included a video backdrop on their home page to create a story of empowerment rather than just tell people about it. 

IM WISE also wanted to rebrand by designing a new logo. They wanted a look that reflects their vision, work and chicness all at once. The new logo combines their vision for self-empowerment with their groundedness in self-defense and Islam. 

I'M WISE_logo_official_white outline-01.png
Firas Nasr