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About the InternationAl Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference

Since 2004, The Annual International Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference has been bringing together researchers, practitioners, and individuals with lived experience in an effort to lay the groundwork for future collaborative research, advocacy, and program development. To date, the trafficking conference has welcomed presenters from 33 states and 16 countries to educate social service, health care, and criminal justice professionals on human trafficking and the needs and risk of victims, as well as their customers, and traffickers.

International Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference
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The Conference approached FN Creative Console with the desire of creating a website that simplified the conference process for the organizers and participants alike. Not only did the conference need a redesign that communicated the amazing space they create for stakeholders every year; they needed that space to simplify the abstract submission, registration, sponsorship, and volunteer process. In addition, having organized over 10 years of conferences with thousands of attendees, the conference wanted a way to showcase previous conference schedules and keep a database of sessions and presenters. 

The site redesign does just that. It streamlines the abstract submission and registration processes, feeding all of the information to one place, making it incredibly easy to manage and keep track of. Volunteers got their own special space, where conference organizers could communicate directly with them without having to send out a thousand emails, and sponsorship was integrated directly into the site rather than living on a separate site, making it more user-friendly and accessible. The conference also now has a mechanism of creating and showcasing a schedule for the current year, and can easily archive that schedule as additional years come and go. 

FN Creative Console is continuing to work with the conference to streamline the presenter process. For example, we are currently building a mechanism for presenters to fill out all their necessary forms at once. Rather than each presenter having to fill out three separate forms and email them to the conference organizer, we created one form which auto-populates all the forms and saves them in the conference's Google Drive folders. This relieves the conference organizer from having to manage emails and forms from all the presenters. Now conference organizers and presenters alike can do their best work, leaving the mess of forms and registration to our tech solutions. 

Firas Nasr