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About Celticore

Every Irish dancer needs a strong core to succeed. Celticore is the first and only core-based Pilates program designed specifically for Irish dancers. Created by Riverdance troupe member Joe Duffey, Celticore uses Pilates, the Fuse method and other fitness styles in order to help Irish dancers strengthen their core and improve their Irish dance technique for success on stage. Celticore is not only a brand, but also an Online Studio, allowing Irish dancers to train anywhere, anytime, and affordably. 

Celticore + FN Creative Console

You can generally find us working out of a coffee shop, and that's exactly how we met Celticore founder Joe Duffey! Being a renowned Irish dancer and certified Pilates instructor, Joe knew what to do to make his business a success. However, he needed support in translating his passion and vision into a digital home and brand identity, one that could adequately reflect the Celticore brand while also serving as the digital hub for the Online Studio.

We started with giving Celticore a brand identity, both through a logo and concise, succinct copy that reflects the Celticore vision and spirit. Taking inspiration from Irish dancing's Celtic roots and its presence on the stage, we designed a logo that featured a celtic knot taking the stage, ready to shine. Being circular, the knot reflected Celticore's focus on the "core", and a strong one at that. We also used a post-modern, sans serif font to reflect the innovative and energizing feel of the Celticore brand and work.

Keeping the brand and vision in mind, we worked with Joe to design a site that both reflected Celticore's brand and inspired people to find success at their core by joining the Celticore Online Studio. Joe had previously set up the studio using VHX, so we are currently working on bridging the studio and the site through parallel branding and design. 

After building out the site, we sat down with Joe and taught him how to add and change content. A business is always evolving to meet consumers' needs, and Joe needed to be able to change content quickly and easily to stay two steps ahead of the competition. While we continue to work with Joe to make larger design and structural changes, he now has full control over his site content. Now, his website is part of his core!

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