Carrie Mann Consulting and Evaluation (CMCE)


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About Carrie Mann Consulting and Evaluation (CMCE)

CMCE offers holistic program design services for newly forming programs and organizations, as well as monitoring and evaluation or redesign of existing programs. They offer services in program design, monitoring and evaluation as well as local and regional planning. They collaborate with their clients to develop tools that make their organizations more effective and their communities more vibrant. Specifically, CMCE provides strategic plan development; organizational process analysis - logic models; social network analysis; data collection, monitoring and evaluation; and local and regional development planning. 

CMCE + FN Creative Console

CMCE approached FN Creative Console with no idea of how to go about having an online presence or brand identity. We started with an activity that helped them really hone in on the work they do and were interested in doing, and we went from there. 

The result is a simple but effective reflection of the CMCE vision and work. The logo is simple and classic, with a colorful palette that encourages strategy in innovation and innovation in strategy. The website also reflects this ethos, encouraging organizations to reach their full change-making potential in simple yet engaging ways. The site is one "scrolling" page, keeping giving visitors more information as they continue scrolling, but delivering the message in concise, palatable chunks.

After the build, we sat down with Carrie and taught her everything she needed to know about changing content or adding additional projects. Now, she manages her own site and content. 

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