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About the Agroecology Fund

The AgroEcology Fund (AEF) is a multi-donor fund supporting agroecological practices and policies. The Fund aims to support viable food systems, promote the economic well-being and human rights of small farmers and their communities, and mitigate climate change through low input agriculture featuring sustainable soil and water use. It links organizations and movements that advance agroecological solutions locally, regionally and globally. With the guidance of international advisors deeply embedded in the agroecology movement, the Fund supports some of the most effective farmer organizations, advocates and researchers in the field of agroecology.

Agroecology Fund + FN Creative Console

You know when you go to a website and wonder what century it was designed? Yeah...

So anyhow, the Agroecology Fund approached FN Creative Console with a desperate need to redesign their website. However, aside from a redesign, the Fund did not have a brand identity. In the past, they had used a montage of photos to represent their organization. With that in mind, after a number of iterations, we came to consensus on a picturesque logo, which embodies the versatility and abundance of agroecology. Similarly, the website took on a vibrance of its own, striving to grow movements, deepen knowledge, cultivate conversation, and harvest change.

The Agroecology Fund website included the full-stack build of an interactive map which showcases the over 200 organizations and 36 collaborative projects which have been funded by the Fund since 2012. The map connects to a grantee database, where you can read about each project and the impact the organizations are having in their region of the world.  

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