A Digital Process for Design.

As social justice and human rights actors, we focus so much on the empowerment of others. But do we ourselves feel empowered? Our process is one of creating a digital space that feels like place - one that gives you the opportunity to do your best work and feel empowered while doing it - a place called Home. 

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Step 1:

Self- Reflection.

What's at your core? What is your personality? What is your purpose? What is your promise? We reflect together to really step into your work, see you for who you are, and see your vision for the world. We then establish a mutual understanding of what our creative process will look like, one that allows us both to feel agency. 

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Step 2:


We want you to be fully immersed in every part of this process. This is your home, after all. Whether we are designing a logo, setting up your Google Adwords campaign, writing your website content, or developing an interactive map, we will first prototype the design to be sure it really fits your message and reflects your vision. We try hard to leverage compassionate communication and emotional intelligence to really hear you and see you, so we believe prototyping gives us the litmus test we need to be sure we heard you and saw you accurately. You know who you are, so lets be sure to reflect that in the prototype before we go full-steam ahead.   

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Step 3:


Building is about unifying your vision for a better world and our creative agency to create something that is more than the sum of its parts. Our designs, marketing, and websites and applications go beyond just being an output. They are a digital identity with the conviction that inspires visitors to take action. This build is simultaneously the manifestation of your work and the aesthetic reflection of why you do the work.  

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Step 4:


Similar to our work as social change agents, design and development is something that is constantly evolving. We want you to feel like you have agency over your site's content and design. So, the final step in our process is making sure you know how to get around your site, edit your content, and make basic changes to the design. While we will always be available to make future changes, we want you to have the power to change any aspect of your site quickly and easily. 




What will your digital home look like?
Let's find out.

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